On our first Nomadic Hustle episode, Mohammed Hajji Ahmed swings by. Mohammed is an actor and the author of the first set of Somali Comic Books - Bahdoon comics. Help us create more engaging and impactful content by becoming a patron: https://www.patreon.com/NomadicHustle Mohamed and the host Mukhtar Shariff get into some topics around being a Somali actor, writing a comic book for Somali kids, being a creative individual ... and much more! Check out Mohammed's work here: https://www.bahdooncomics.com/

“Screaming Black Lives Matter while Bantus are being burned alive” I remember one night coming home after an event and on the way my friend and I had a conversation about being a Somali artist and what we do with our privileges. We often describe traumas and whatnot but most of us really heard about all of that. Therefore, I challenge everyone who will come across this video someday to really challenge their intentions towards Somalia. We often claim to do it All for Somalinimo when it’s different in reality.

It’s FINALLY HERE!! The trailer for my first poem “ Growing flowers from Concrete”. I remember being very ill upon the shooting of this video. I arrived in Seattle and was on the next day. This is a combination of pieces of me and memories. PLEASE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE so I can drop the full video. To everyone who stood by me from stage to book, and to everyone who’ll join us from now, “Please be patient with me as I learn and better my craft”. I appreciate you all!